By popular demand, the creator of ClydetheGlyde.com is proud to introduce Pearl the Motorcycle Girl!

Over time, there has been one question we have heard again and again... "Do you have a book featuring a lady rider?" We thought about it and decided, Hey....WHY NOT?!? The public has spoken and we've heard your request. Thus, Pearl, the motorcycle, and Mini, her owner, were born. Originally inspired by our daughter, who is beautiful, independent, strong, feminine and vivacious, it occurred to us that both Mini and Pearl represent all of the female population; those who love motorcycle riding, those who love to dance, and those who just love life in general. Please read on to hear why this book will make an awesome gift for that special person in your life!

Mini and Pearl

Pearl the Motorcycle Girl-Take a Chance and Dance is a fanciful tale that encourages young females to explore and find value in their own identities, while strengthening their ability to make healthy lifestyle choices.

When loveable little motorcycle, Pearl, discovers the beauty of movement in everything around her, she also finds her own personal style of self-expression - dance. The confidence she feels in this self-discovery helps her to connect with others who share her passion. Then, when called upon to conquer the open road with her owner and friend, Mini, Pearl is able to quickly traverse and fulfill her responsibilities as a strong, powerful motorcycle. Pearl’s ‘can do’ attitude is refreshing and sends a positive message to young girls as Mini and Pearl lovingly break the stereotype of female motorcyclists by allowing them to be girly girls, and at the same time strong, independent, powerful and confident individuals.

Now Available!

Clyde and PaJim

In the Clyde the Glyde stories, Clyde is the more innocent of the pair, probably best described as somewhat naive and very eager to learn. PaJim is the more experienced of the two, always happy to assist Clyde learn life’s important lessons by building values and encouraging responsibility. As with most close friends, they seem capable of reading each others minds and have the ability to communicate through thoughts. They experience the same emotions: joy, sadness, anticipation and confusion, but more importantly, they share a love of the open road and the feel of wind on their faces.

Click the Mouse is Clyde’s silent, but devoted friend, faithfully and happily providing companionship through the night.

Please join Clyde and PaJim as they journey through life. We hope you enjoy the ride!